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Before being published on, all posts are reviewed by our editorial staff for timeliness, originality, and constructive commentary. Not every submission is accepted for publication. Submissions under consideration for publication elsewhere will not be considered. Posts are edited in collaboration with authors before publication.

Before submitting a post for consideration, authors are encouraged to review content recently published on to get a sense of both the style and content that we’re looking for.

What to submit
  • Submit posts as a Word document.
  • Include a title.
  • Include author bio(s) or links to same

Writing For The Web

In addition to the submission guidelines, here are a few additional tips we recommend when writing content for the web:
1. Be concise
Blog content should be concise and readable. Most blog posts come in under 2,000 words.
2. Link to references
Instead of using endnotes, highlight appropriate text and link to references. If a link isn’t available, include the citation in parentheses.
3. Use the “inverted pyramid”
Front-load your text. Put the most important information in the first few paragraphs and give the reader your main points quickly, but feel free (and indeed encouraged) to delve deeply into the material in subsequent paragraphs.
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