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8 European Leagues with the Most Loyal Fans


/ by Editor
Football games unite people all over the world. Do you know what European football leagues have the biggest and most royal fan bases? If not, here's your chance to find out.

Which European League Has the Most Loyal Fans?

People want to be entertained. They want something exciting and fun. They want to get surprised, to become astonished, and to feel all sorts of emotions. If you haven’t been to a football match, it’s probably hard for you to imagine the atmosphere of the stadium. It’s crazy and it’s very exciting.

That’s why a football league’s success isn’t only determined by the number of the winning matches and the footballers’ ratings. Attendance plays a crucial role too. Let’s face it: what’s the point in playing a game when nobody comes to watch it and support you?

Let’s look at the most popular and supported football leagues of Europe and see what makes people fill the stadiums.


There’s hardly one person who hasn’t heard of the Bundesliga. Well, with the attendance like that, it is not surprising. The average attendance number is 42,790, but if we take a specific club, you might get even more impressed. For example, Borussia Dortmund, being the most supported club in Germany, can boast about the average attendance of 76,410.

The truth is, the Bundesliga did a great job getting back on track. They have been working really hard, and it’s paying off. And no wonder people want to come to the matches: the players are good, the stadiums are beautiful, the weather is great, and the beer is delicious.
The Bundesliga shows great results and will remain a magnificent league for a long time, that’s for sure.


More than £1 billion revenue is supposed to mean something, right? The English Premier League is the most profitable and the most famous football league in the world, which not only has a lot of money but also a lot of loyal fans.

The average attendance number is 34,088 for the league in general, which is not much less than for the Bundesliga. Manchester United still remains the most supported club, and Arsenal takes the second place. The third place is for Manchester City with the average attendance of 46,140.

Experts say that if England won’t face any sort of financial crisis (like Greece or Spain), the English Premier League will remain the most successful league not only in Europe but in the world as well. And it’s hard to doubt this perspective.


We cannot forget about La Liga when we talk about the most impressive European leagues. With the average attendance of 28,770, La Liga takes the third place. It is worth to note that while Spanish stadiums have been underlying constant changes, reconstruction, and improvements, football fans keep visiting matches and the attendance numbers raise every year.

The most supportive are the fans of Barcelona, of course, with the average attendance of 82,648 people. The second place goes to Real Madrid with 74,250 fans visiting their matches.
And even though Spain has to deal with the lack of investors because of its debt problems, La Liga remains one of the best football leagues in Europe. Who knows, maybe the fans’ love can help it get through the rough patch.


Financial issues, racism, corruption, the neglected stadiums, and high prices have corroded Italy in the last couple of years. But despite that, Serie A stays strong and keeps fighting, showing the average attendance number of 23,900.

The best fighters in this game are probably Udinese and Napoli who are still capable of playing daringly and adventurously. The most supported club though is Inter, with the average attendance rates of 52,937.
In general, the attendance numbers are falling. Ten years ago 30% more people came to watch Serie A football matches. Nobody knows where this is going, but as long as football fans stay loyal, Serie A will remain one of the top leagues in Europe.


Ligue 1 has been struggling with the decrease in attendance during the recent years, but it still remains one of the biggest and the most popular football leagues in Europe. Let’s check out the average attendance numbers for the most popular teams:
· Marseille – 48,788;
· Paris Saint-Germain – 36,110;
· Bordeaux – 29,746;
· Boulougne – 12,113.

It’s clear that the numbers are still good, even though they aren’t as good as they used to be. We can’t predict what is going to happen next, so in the meantime, let’s enjoy a couple of great football matches.

With the average attendance of 19,320, the Eredivisie takes one of the major positions among other European leagues. People keep coming to the matches, even though the tickets might be quite hard to get due to several buying restrictions.

The problem with the Eredivisie is that it can’t keep all its magnificent players. Talented and young footballers dream to play for Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and other fancy and worldwide famous clubs. That’s why more and more players leave the Eredivisie.
Surprisingly, it doesn’t influence the attendance rates. Well, at least not crucially. There’s been a slight decrease in the attendance, but it’s not that big. This makes everyone wonder about how promising the Eredivisie is.


There are a lot of people living in Russia, and a lot of them love football. The average attendance is 12,520, which might seem like not that many, but let’s not forget that this number is average.

Overall, the Premier Liga attendance rates are better than the numbers of other European leagues, but Russian teams have also been experiencing the decrease in the number of people coming to football matches. Even the most popular teams like Spartak Moscow, CSKA Moscow, Rubin Kazan, and Dinamo Moscow have to face an attendance drop, ranging from 6% to 41% depending on the football club.

That being said, the Premier Liga still remains one of the biggest leagues in Europe, which means it’s still a worthy opponent and a decent football league.


With such a small population, it is really hard for the Danish Superliga to look for talented football players. But despite that, it managed to leave a mark on the world football and still contributes a great deal to European football.

The average attendance number is 8,413. The biggest and the most supported team is, of course, FC Copenhagen, with the 17,650 attendance number. Let’s not forget that the total population of Denmark is a bit more than 5.6 million people, so the attendance numbers are rather good.

There’s been a decrease in the attendance, and the percentage is different for different football clubs. It varies from 4.6% to 13%. The good news is that some teams, like Aarhus and Esbjerg, have been experiencing the increasing number of people attending their matches, up to 44% more.

All of these numbers only show that we should keep our fingers crossed and hope for the further development of European leagues and football clubs.

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