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Comic Superheroes vs World Soccer Super Players


/ by Editor
The journalists from the world of sports  are very fond of comparing  modern soccer players not only with each other but with any outstanding personalities. Such comparisons today do not surprise anyone. But we took the liberty to go a little further when we discovered how many similarities there are between superstars of world soccer and ... superheroes!

Iron Man - Cristiano Ronaldo
It's Tony Stark who looks like Cristiano more than anyone. Both of them are Playboy's, philanthropists and just geniuses in their business. One created a super armor, became one of the leaders of people endowed with super-semblances, and the other created himself due to work and perseverance, and  now he stays on the same step with the greatest genius and inventor in the world

Hulk - Luis Suarez
Why is that? Because in life, Louis is the same Bruce Banner - a calm, ordinary person, but on the field ... Suarez turns into a green monster on the field, who does not mind eating players of a foreign team.

Dr. Strange - Lionel Messi
Both are geniuses of their business. Sometimes there is an impression that whatever they touch, they do in the best possible way. And their super abilities are similar - the refined and enchanting magic of Stephen Strange and exactly the same game of Messi. Both are real wizards who can create other worlds right before our eyes. Honestly, we can not imagine a better comparison.

Captain America - Sergio Ramos
Both of them are just people... but not quite simple. One is pumped to the maximum of human capabilities, and the other is the luckiest and unusually cool guy. They are both captains of their teams despite the fact that they are not divinely special.

Spider-Man - Antoine Griezmann
The Spider-Man has always been close to us. A cheerful schoolboy with a super strength that fell from the sky. Griezmann is the same but not in terms of suddenly acquired abilities, but in terms of proximity to the people. You can say whatever you want, but Messi and Ronaldo are closer to the gods than to the people, and Antoine is a one-of-us superhero. And this is fascinating.

Green Arrow - Dries Mertens
 Oliver Quinn has always been in the shadow of more stellar comrades, but since recent times his name has been discussed with the frequency with which Batman is discussed, and this is a great success. And Dries Mertens is exactly the same. Almost all his career was hidden in the shadow of HiguaĆ­n, Hamsik, Azar ( in the national team), but now he is a superstar and many people talk about him. They both deserve it.

Batman - Gianluigi Buffon
 Yes, Buffon is known among soccer fans as Superman , but this hero does not personify him in the best way. The great Italian always remains himself - the coolest person on earth. One well-known person said: "There are beautiful, bad, good or kind people, and there are tough people. Buffon is a real tough guy. He is a real man. " And Batman is the same. Who is steeper than Bruce? Tony Stark or can Clark Kent? Yes, they are both from the top superheroic team, but Batman is great and his charms can not be avoided. Even Tony Stark with his sarcasm inferior to Wayne in coolness.

Nightwing-Gianluigi Donnarumma
Well, everything is simple and clear here. Disciples of the Great People. Both of them will catch up with their teachers soon, and they can even surpass. By the way, they are not much inferior to the pair above in coolness.

Falcon -  MbappĆ© Lottin
Brand new in their business but always charged to fight. Just look at them. Their eyes are burning, they are bursting into battle. And the style of combat / game is similar. Fast, deft movements and powerful blows that frighten goalkeepers and break the bones of opponents.

Cyborg - Thiago Silva
Well, the level that Silva kept for many seasons is fantastic. A simple person does not know how to do that, but Cyborg is... another matter. As powerful and formidable as the Justice League participant, Silva never misses the attacker before  giving him a "good kick".

How do you find our discovery? These guys from comics and soccer have a lot in common, right? They are able to do everything: conquering trophies, fighting villains, saving the world, or conquering all the girls from the sites where online russian brides or other beauties can be found. Who of these guys are real heroes of our time is a contentious issue!
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