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Hector Bellerin prepared to defy Wenger’s wishes


/ by Editor
Hector Bellerin will risk the wrath of Arsene Wenger after saying he will play for Spain in the Under-21 European Championships this summer.

Arsenal boss Wenger is keen to see the full-back rest up in the summer after the 22-year-old injured his ankle and had a spell on the sidelines.

The right-back has struggled to regain his form and was poor against Palace before being dropped for Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final win over Man City and Wenger has voiced his concerns over Bellerin playing in Poland.

“He has not come back to his level since he has been injured. I think for a while he was [still feeling his ankle],” Wenger said on Sunday.

“It is not ideal after a long season. He should have a rest and prepare for next season.”

Bellerin though is desperate to play for his country and speaking to IBTimes, said: “I really want to play.

“Representing Spain is very important. If [Spain Under 21 manager Alert] Celades gives me the chance I’ll be there.

“Those are opinions of the managers. I have to keep working. The truth is that I had a difficult injury but I think that I am at 100% now and I’ll try to prove it when I get the chance.”
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