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I have exceeded my expectations at Arsenal - Iwobi


/ by Editor
Nigeria’s Alex Iwobi is awed. At age twenty he has attained a feat most of his compatriots in Nigeria  are hoping for.

In an interview with, he stated: “I never thought I would be here at the age of 20, it’s an amazing feeling to have made more than 50 appearances for Arsenal,” Iwobi said.

“It is just the start of my career basically, so I just need to get more goals, more assists and make more appearances and do my best for the team."

Iwobi whose impact in Arsenal FC cannot be overlooked could not help but to mention two of his team  mates who have been a source of inspiration to him.

He said: “The manager, Steve Bould, everyone – even the players – have all given me advice on what to do, helping me on and off the pitch. Everyone has helped get to where I am today.

“[The biggest influence on me] would probably be Jack Wilshere, but he has not been around recently. He talks to me off the pitch because he has been through the same system as me, I just watch what he does – especially as I grew up as a No 10 and he’s a No 10.

“Now I would say it is Francis Coquelin, he is always talking to me. After the Watford game he told me what I did well, and what I need to improve on. He’s definitely one who keeps me in check.”
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