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OPINION: Is pogba really worth £100M?


/ by Editor
By Dehinbo Timothy

Pogba is a young talented French player,even though many might disagree, but many of his performances last season and two seasons ago proves that.

Many talking points have erupted after Paul Pogba had a woeful Euro 2016 final game against Portugal, if he really worths such an amount.

But first, many should know that he played out of position on that day, he was more defensive minded in that game than he usually is at Juventus.

Another thing people should know, is that the value of players at times is based on how highly sought the player is, in the transfer window period.

This current transfer period, Paul Pogba is the most sought after player, with clubs like Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Chelsea lining up for the player's signature. Even though Man Utd are in pole position to get their former man back. So when clubs like these are after pogba, it makes the value of the player increase.

So with this you can say he is worth it.

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