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Iheanacho’s Agent Serves Time For Sexual Assault

Manchester City starlet, Kelechi Iheanacho’s agent has served a year’s probation after he pleaded to sexual assault of two teenage girls, reports.

The agent Robert ‘Rob’ Zanicky, was arrested in 2013 after two minor’s told the police he attempted to forcefully have sex with them.

Rob entered a plea agreement with the court served one year probation where he was supervised he had any contacts with minors while also undergoing a mental health evalu­ation and a drug evalu­ation as part of his sentencing.

Bob now runs Opportunity Acad­emy for West Africa (OFAWA).

The agent’s vic­tims (one seventeen and one sixteen year old at the time) told a court that he sent them sexually explicit test messages, bought them things and took them to the Wilkes- Barre Lodge on Kidder Street four years ago.

The 17 year old victim agreed to have consensual sex with bob but the sixteen year old said Bob drove her to Barre lodge pretending he wanted to taalk about his wife who was diagnosed with cancer.

On getting to the room, he began telling her who he wanted to pull her hair and throw her against the wall as they had sex. She told the court she ran out of the room to the car and asked to be taken to her friend’s house.

Bob beat off competition to get Iheanacho on board just months be­fore the youngster was crowned the MVP of the 2013 FIFA U17 World Cup in the UAE.
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