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5 Reasons Why Enyeama Won't Win The African Footballer Of The Year Award


/ by Barca Lens
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Good day Naija soccer die-hards. Your number one online Nigeria soccer Magazine will always make your heart beat faster. Last time out, we discussed on 5 Reasons Why Enyeama Should Be Crowned African Footballer Of The Year. Today, we are going to discuss the factual opposite of that statement - Why Enyeama Won't Win The Award.
Although, as Nigerians, we all want to see our beloved skipper grab the award, unfortunately, we are'nt the officials. So here are five factors that may hinder the Devout goalie from getting the award..

5 Reasons Why Enyeama Won't Win The African Footballer Of The Year Award

1. He Plays In The French League
We all know that the French Ligue 1 is the least watched league among Europes top 5 leagues. Just incase you don't know, Enyeama plays there with Lille. Africans get the chance to watch Manchester City's Premier League and Dortmund's Bundesliga and that is a very dangerous factor for Enyeama.

2. Enyeama Is Not Participating In The UCL
Also, the Uefa Champions League is the most watched football tournament after the world cup and unfortunately, Enyeama's Lille didn't qualify whereas Yaya's City and Aubameyang's BVB are in the next round. Whoops! Ahem hem *coughing*.

3. Nigeria Didn't Qualify For 2015 Afcon
This is the mightiest factor that will hinder Enyeama from getting the Award. The star was magnificent individually but his so-called National team couldn't support him. Too bad. Indeed.

4. The Yaya-Factor
"Enyeama will surely win the Award. Oh! Sorry, Yaya Toure is there." This is it, without being told, Africans all over the world have already painted the Ivorian as the winner. Even if Enyeama deserves it. Ok.

5. Enyeama Is A Goal Keeper
Very funny! Funny Indeed. Like Neuer said: "I can't win the Ballon d'or because i don't score goals." Yes! This is true, Individual awards of this Calibre nowadays are based on goals scored instead of performance. This will surely cut-short Enyeama's chances, even by the smallest.

With utmost sincerity, i want Enyeama to win the award, but it's unfortunate that there are certain inevitable factors that may drag him down. Well, lets just hope.

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